Poplar veneer

Aspen — it is kind of Poplar, Willow family. Poplar grows in Europe, Asia and North America. Most species are fast-growing trees that mature at the age of 30 to 50 years. This wood is produced mainly from grown trees of cultural sorts. More aspen and poplar wood is produced from forests of short cycle.

Poplar wood is magnificent, color is light, whitish, reddish-brown to brownish. Fibers of wood are formed very evently the whole the year, early and late growth are similar, so the wood looks homogeneous.

Typerotary cut veneer
Wood speciePoplar
Thikness1,70 mm+
Widthfrom 30 cm+
Lenght0,3-2,6 m
Country of originUkraine

Veneer of other sorts of wood

Our company can also produce and supply veneer of other sorts of wood. You can clarify all the necessary details of availability and price of veneer by phone +380685083833 and +380936890409, or send a request through the form below.

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