Pine veneer

Pine grows in Central, Northern and Eastern Europe. Height — from 25 to 50 meters, diameter — 1.5 meters. It has a color from red-yellow to brown with a red undertone.

Pine wood is dense with a high resin content. Suitable for all types of joinings, well machined and manual. Wood is also used to make planed veneer, which is used to make doors, parquet and panels for decoration.

Typerotary cut veneer
Wood speciePine
Thikness1,50 mm+
Widthfrom 30 cm+
Lenght0,3-2,6 m
Country of originUkraine

Veneer of other sorts of wood

Our company can also produce and supply veneer of other sorts of wood. You can clarify all the necessary details of availability and price of veneer by phone +380685083833 and +380936890409, or send a request through the form below.

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