Our Mission

The company’s goal is to be the best in its industry. We create a quality product for our customers, creating opportunities for growth and prosperity for our employees.

Our Principles

In everything we do, producing veneered products, we are guided by such principles: honesty, openness and respect. Our main principle is the client’s interests above all.

Our Values

Effectiveness, purposefulness and development — we work accordingly to have maximum efficiency from our activity. The best reward for us is a positive customer feedback.

Our Products

Now the company produces veneer, various sorts of wood.

Veneer — it is a thin slice of wood of a certain thickness that has form of a sheet. Get it by planing hardwood and softwood. It is used as a facing material. No chemicals are used in the veneer production process.

Planed veneer  is delivered in knols — packs of veneer that put in the order of cutting of sheets. The knolls are placed on a pallet, covered with a wooden shield and binded with packing tape.

Order Form

Sales and Production department

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